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When considering the theme of the climate in offices and banks, many think first of the temperature, since this is one of the most common reasons for employees' complaints. But the indoor climate is much more complex and also comprises - among other things - the components of air humidity, air circulation, heat radiation and of course the quality of the air.


The special feature of offices is that owing to the larger number of people and the technical equipment such as computers, copiers or lighting, excess heat is often produced. For this reason, the air conditioning requires not so much heating, but rather cooling and dehumidification in the summer months, as well as an efficient and continuous exchange of air. The temperature and air humidity in the room must of course be kept constant. The temperature should be individually controllable, and of course there must be no draughts.

The climate in offices and administration departments is laid down in the Workplace Ordinance and other regulations. The requirement here is for "breathing air which is sufficiently conducive to good health". But good air conditioning can be much more; it improves the performance and motivation of the employees. The aim therefore is to create a climate where the heat levels are comfortable. This depends not only on the individual and the air conditioning solution, but also on the room itself. In modern office buildings in particular, the ratio of the window area to the total facade area is very high. This results in rapid changes to the air temperature in the room. The heat capacity of the walls is very low owing to the frequently used dry construction method. This also promotes fluctuations in the radiation and air temperature in terms of time and space. An intelligent air conditioning concept compensates for these fluctuations, enabling individual settings for different offices.

Menerga fits

Owing to the strict requirements, the Adconair and Adsolair range with adiabatic evapo-rative cooling and a small downstream compressor refrigeration system is suitable for the air conditioning of office buildings and administration departments. The largest proportion of the outside air is cooled down by means of adiabatic cooling. Via the integrated refrigeration system, the outside air in the 2nd cooling stage can be dehumidified in order to ensure maximum levels of comfort in all areas during the summer. Reheating for a comfortable SA temperature after dehumidification is carried out via an integrated air condenser. This has two advantages: on the one hand, the SA temperature can be raised after dehumidification without any costs, and on the other hand the efficiency of the continuously adjustable refrigerating machine is increased. The refrigeration performance figures for this system are around 10. In winter temperatures, the highly efficient heat recovery provides a level of efficiency of > 78%.

If owing to the fabric of the building and the use of the rooms there is a heating requirement instead of a cooling requirement, Resolair and Adconair systems are suitable owing to their very high heat recovery. The individual requirements of a building and its use can be quickly clarified in a discussion with the Menerga Sales Team – we will find the ideal solution for you!