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Application Area
We create good indoor climate in various applications!

Menerga units find its application area in almost all parts of the world, where perfect conditions for temperature and climate are asked.

Our basis business is the swimming pool hall dehumidification, which was our starting point in 1980. Since then, we managed a long way – not only geographically. Today, we can proudly say that we have improved continuously and therefore also equipped many interesting projects like the passive house research station „Princess Elisabeth“ in the Antarctica or the telescopes in the Atacama desert. We love new challenges as much as finding the perfect technical solution for the so called European standard. 

Our application areas are mainly separated into five market segments: Hygiene, industry, precision, data center and pool air conditioning.
Menerga offers the perfect air handling solution for your specific application.

Our market segments:

Hygiene - Creating a good indoor climate in hygienic areas
Hygiene is in the focus of healthcare, as contamination by germs, bacteria or viruses should always be avoided. In particular areas of protection such as the operating area, dynamic shielding by ventilation is also required in addition to working medical standards. All these requirements are met with a high degree of resilience, as well as by keeping operating costs as low as possible, since we always focus the on the overall cost-effectiveness of your system.

Industry - Creating a good indoor climate in industrial processes
In manufacturing, it is important not only to air-condition the processes and products, but also to create a good indoor climate for the employees, one which is in line with all regulations. The requirements of such productions are, on the one hand, very high and specific. Many production halls are very large and tall, in other productions health-hazardous substances must be safely removed. Customized air conditioning not only increases employee motivation and performance, but also has a positive impact on the production quality and resilience of the production machines.

Precision - Creating a good indoor climate in precision areas
Museums, historic buildings as well as measuring rooms require precise air-conditioning. In areas where high fail safe, reliability and efficiency are required, we can precisely control the temperatures and the relative humidity with our highly efficient systems and an intelligent control system. This ensures that there is always a precise air conditioning customized to the applications’ requirements.

Data Center - Creating a good indoor climate in the information and communication technology
Information and communication technology is a high priority in everyday life. Technological developments such as cloud computing or large data, as well as the increasing spread of mobile devices, have led to very high requirements regarding computer performance. Therefore it is of utmost importance to keep the growing data center capacities and the resulting energy requirements and CO2 emissions as low as possible with the help of an efficient cooling system. Protect not only your data but also the environment with an efficient air conditioning solution from Menerga.

Pool - Creating a good indoor climate in private and public swimming pool halls
The air conditioning of swimming pool halls is one of the most demanding tasks of air conditioning and in that area we have our origin. On top of creating an ideal feel-good climate for athletes and spa enthusiasts, we also strive to protect your building from moisture damage by continuously dehumidifying the swimming pool air.