Recuperative energy recovery with three stage recuperator

This unit is ideal for small to medium sized air conditioning applications. It can be installed in various locations and is ideal for houses, small hotels, shops and other rooms. With three stage heat recovery and the latest fan technology, these compact air conditioning units share all the features of larger Menerga systems.


Type 52: Recuperative heat and „cold“ recovery using the exhaust air energy

Nominal air output 400 - 3,800 m3/h

Type 59: Recuperative heat and „cold“ recovery using the exhaust air energy. Additionally equipped with integrated compression cooling system

Nominal air output: 800 - 3,800 m3/h


  • Theatre Rise Loutek in Prague
  • Golfhotel Waldhuus in Davos Platz
  • Centre administratif "Les Nations" in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Elexia Fitnessclub in Bochum
  • Office building/Passivhaus Lamparter in Weilheim a.d.Teck