09.10.12 Successful Entry into the Data Processing Centre Cooling Market

New circulation cooling units for "green" data processing centresParticipating in invitations to tender throughout Europe with triple-digit unit volume Natural cooling processes considerably reduce energy...[more]

13.08.12 Central air-conditioning with counterflow heat exchanger available now

Recuperative heat recovery exceeds 90% at a mere 150 Pa of pressure lossMeets WRG class H1 standards even at high rates of air velocity inside the unit Freely configurable RLT installation with a maximum volume flow of more than...[more]

26.10.11 Menerga at the Aquanale: High-efficiency climate controls for indoor swimming pools is in great demand

Operators invest in order to reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions Passive House standard increasingly sets the pattern New equipment series matches high passivity demands Brochure shows comprehensive solutions in climate...[more]

26.10.11 Menerga at the Aquanale: High-efficiency technology in climate control for Passive House (low energy) swimming pool complex in Lünen

First swimming pool complex in Europe built under the Passive House standard 50% lower energy usage than in traditional new construction Swimming pool climate control equipment developed in accordance with the Passive House...[more]

26.10.11 Menerga at the Aquanale: ThermoCond 39 achieves energy savings of 30%

Climate control equipment for public indoor pools, redesigned from the ground up. First-time deployment of adjustable compressors during dehumidification through heat pump Increased capacity of heat pump reduces losses of...[more]

15.03.11 Menerga at the ISH 2011: Innovative technologies for highly efficient climate control

Record earnings with innovative, highly efficient climate control unitsCentral climate control unit with counter current heat exchangerImproved heat recovery with plastic reservoirsInternet-based control technology for HVAC...[more]

15.03.11 Menerga at the ISH 2011: Record earnings with innovative highly efficient climate control units

Turnover growth well in the double digit rangeMore than 100 new hiresHigh level of incoming orders continuesComprehensive investment programme for structured growth based on market demandsGradual expansion to all company...[more]